COVID-19 Indoor Prevention Using Air Purifiers

With many people spending more time indoors, an air purifier that has germicidal ultraviolet is a must in fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Though the exact ways the coronavirus gets transmitted are not yet known, one of the thought of possible ways is through the long-range and short-range airbone particles from droplets brought about by coughing or sneezing.

Cleen UV’s Orion Large Air Purifier’s germicidal ultraviolet is from a UV-C light that disrupts the chemical bonds of any virus or bacteria’s DNA molecules inactivating them and making them no longer infectious.

With COVID-19 plaguing the world, it is important to kill viruses and bacteria in the air.

When a UV-C germicidal lamp is in an air purifier, it also protects against bacteria, molds and viruses.

As air passes through the purifier’s internal irradiation chamber, it is exposed to UV-C light.

While contaminants get caught in HEPA filters, the UV-C lamp gives it germicidal power.

UVC radiation disinfects air, nonporous surfaces and water.

In fact, for over 60 years, the air in clinics, commercial buildings, food plants, government buildings, hospitals, medical and dental offices has been safely sanitized using germicidal ultraviolet.

Environmental engineer and professor at Virginia Tech, Linsey Marr, says that “in theory, if an air purifier removes viruses from the air,” then it also lessens “concentrations (of the viruses) in (a) room” leading to a reduction of “the potential for exposure.”

An air purifier that has germicidal ultraviolet is a “simple plug and play solution” for the home, a place where people are in close contact.

Even a portable air purifier captures most of the long-range airborne particles through its HEPA filter.

Cleen UV’s Orion Large Air Purifier sterilizes the air in 1 hour.

With this air purifier’s ozone option, every corner of the home gets reached and sterilized.

An air purifier is priceless especially when contacting COVID-19 is a matter of life and death.

Wearing masks and social distancing are still important, but if COVID-19 is spread by aerosol droplets in the air, staying 6 feet away is not enough.

Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University says that an air purifier adds another 50% reduction on the spread of the coronoavirus on top of the 50% risk reduction brought about by masks, coupled with the 85% up to 90% reduction of COVID-19 exposure given by increased ventilation.

Going back in March and the difficulty of getting supplies like hand sanitizers and Lysol wipes, not to menion mere yeast, no one would want to say “I should have gotten it” when it comes to air purifiers.

An air purifier, with germicidal ultraviolet, is a must.

Do you have a family member who works on the front lines? Or do you someone in the house who goes out to work? What if someone tested positive of COVID-19 lives with you? Do you think you need an air purifier with UV-C light now more than ever?

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