A Face Mask/Wearable Air Purifier That Lets You Breathe Even on the Run

Let’s talk about face masks first.

US officials recommend wearing one to protect others and one’s self from the coronavirus.

But, you’re correct, that hasn’t always been their advice.

In February, the CDC and the US Surgeon General among others, insisted there was no need to wear face masks unless one is sick or is caring for someone who is.

During that time, the national conversation was which masks could best protect the public from catching the new coronavirus should it become full-blown.

Now, the global coronavirus pandemic has made face masks an everyday essential wear.

While some cultures used to rely on face masks during pre COVID-19 days to protect themselves from airborne particles related to pollution, everyone is now relying on these same masks to stay safe from the deadly virus.

As of now, vaccine for the coronavirus is still in its testing stage and thus, covering one’s face, specifically one’s mouth and nose, the easy pathways of viruses to get in the body, remains one of the highly suggested prevention measures.

Compulsory wearing of face masks in some countries like the Czech Republic, Japan, South Africa and Taiwan reduced their transmission rates of COVID-19.

Along with social distancing and hand hygiene, wearing face masks is recommended based on the concept of ‘source control.’

‘Source control’ means prevention of droplets produced by an infected person from spreading the COVID-19 by stopping these droplets from getting inhaled by other people.

These same droplets can likewise fall onto surfaces which might lead to someone touching them.

That same person, at the very least, may also touch his or her face which will enable the COVID-19 virus to get into the body through the mucous membranes on the face found on the eyes, nose and mouth.

These mucous membranes are pathways to the throat and lungs.

When everyone is looking now for ways to make life easier and more convenient, such technology in the form of wearable air purifying mask from Cleen UV adds value by eliminating the problems of traditional face masks’ supply shortage and unreliable quality.

Likewise, everyone knows that it’s difficult to breathe when we have a traditional face mask on, let alone breathe while one is out jogging and gasping for air.

Exercising or not, selecting an appropriate face-covering is easy with a Cleen UV Purifying Air Mask.

With traditional face masks, you more or less just breathe in the carbon-dioxide laden stale air you just exhaled.

Likewise, the hot and humid air you breathed out leads to fogging of glasses if ever you wear one.

Cleen UV Purifying Air Mask makes breathing easier with its low-noise, two-speed fan and four layers of filter.

This snugly fitting mask’s filtration is the same as those used in most homes’ air filtering systems.

Only after a quick charging time, the USB rechargeable Cleen UV Purifying Air Mask gives 4-6 hours of continuous flow of cool, clean and filtered air.

With its 1-year warranty, it is also designed with the safety in mind of those who run at night as evidenced by the led light in its chin area.

Whether you’re an office worker, a factory worker, a scientist in a laboratory, a fitness buff who likes to run day in or day out, or just an ordinary John or Jane, Cleen UV Purifying Air Mask is for you.

It’s time to breathe and to say goodbye to the stale air brought about by traditional face masks and go high tech via a wearable air purifier, right?

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