Unbox the Genius of Killing 99.9% of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria in Just 180 Seconds

Far beyond social distancing, washing hands regularly and wearing a face mask, at-home UV sanitizing devices reduce bacteria and germs on handheld electronic devices, PPEs (personal protection equipment) and small objects.

Michael Schmidt, PhD, a professor with the department of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina said that besides human skin, microbes like plastic and glass.

This means earbuds, smartphone, tablet and other items we use everyday.

Until recently, we use a microfiber cloth to wipe these microbes away.

Now, enter UV, or ultraviolet.

Yes, the same light that causes pain, peeling and redness on our skin after a sunburn.

Though too much unprotected exposure to UV can cause skin cancer, this same light, in particular the UV-C light, with its wavelength of 200 to 280 nanometers is getting used to kill germs in minutes.

On the UV light spectrum, there are UV-A, B and C lights.

Only the UV-C light kills germs by interfering and destroying the nucleic acids of bacteria and other microbes making disinfection easier and quicker, a must during these times.

Ehsan Ali, MD, of Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor Inc, uses light sanitizing devices stating they are “worth purchasing because they are known to be effective and have already been in use pre-COVID for sanitation purposes.”

The Argos Sanitizing Box from Cleen UV is perfect for sanitizing small items.

By safely emitting ultraviolet light through UVC LEDs, this sanitizing box keeps items like baby toys, beauty tools, currency notes, glasses, key rings, keys, mobile phones, pacifiers, PPEs, salon equipment, toothbrushes, wallets, watches and water bottles sterile.

The outstanding feature of the Argos Sanitizing Box from Cleen UV is its ability to be used on mobile phones, one of the dirtiest objects we have, because the germs normally found on hands are the germs most likely to be present on phones.

However, keeping our hands clean is very different from keeping our phones clean.

We can’t use sanitizing gels, isopropyl alcohol nor wet wipes on it, can we?

Thus, it’s almost impossible to keep our phones sanitized.

With Cleen UV’s Argos Sanitizing Box, it will remove bacteria and viruses on our phones.

Cleen UV’s sterilizer box’s multiple internal bulbs make the complete bathing of the object inside happen, rendering it bacteria-free within 3 minutes with just a push of the button.

Easily disinfect small objects in homes and commercial spaces.

It’s surprisingly low in power consumption.


Time to get your own environmentally friendly, non-toxic and portable Argos Sanitizing Box from Cleen UV.

Everyone needs it.

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