UV-C Wands and All the Bacteria In Food, Among Everything Else, It Kills

Ultraviolet sanitizing wands, like Cleen UV’s Spartan UVC Wand, are taking center stage.

And, why not?

These easy to obtain flashlight-looking gadget sanitizes, sans harsh chemicals, solely by using the disinfecting UV-C blue light.

Jim Malley, PhD, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of New Hampshire attests to the “success” that germicidal ultraviolet technology is boasting for a hundred years in killing bacteria, microbes and viruses.

A 2014 study in an American Journal dealing with infection contol found that even the portable UVC wands, like Cleen UV’s Spartan UVC Wand, killed most commonly-found bacteria after only 5 seconds of exposure and eliminated 90% of the harder to kill bacteria after only 40 seconds.

Though hospitals have been using UV-C light for years to shut down the spread of drug-resistant superbugs and to disinfect surgical suites, because this UVC technology has been shown to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, UV-C light is now gettiing used in buildings, restaurants and schools.

Even New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority announced the use of UV light on subway buses, cars, offices and technology centers.

Likewise, Amazon unveiled an ultraviolet robot.

Amazon’s metal frame on wheels is equipped with ultraviolet tube lights to get used in the company’s warehouses and Whole Foods stores.

Ever catch yourself biting into an apple after just buying it?

UVC light, easily obtained from Cleen UV’s Spartan UVC wand, cleans your food instantly.

In a related matter, keeping coliform bacteria counts below required thresholds is a challenge for food processors.

Washington Potato Co.’s Nicholas D. Ross, quality assurance and technical services director for the potato processing company, says that “Though (they) were generally successful in controlling coliform bacteria levels on (their)products, the time and costs required to achieve control were excessive.”

Washington Potato is an industrial supplier of dry and frozen potato products that are remanufactured by other processors into mashed potatoes, snacks, soups and stews.

While searching for solutions at a regional food processing show, Ross learned the germicidal effects of UVC light.

UVC is also scientifically proven to disrupt the DNA or RNA structure of bacteria, fungi, molds and yeast.

UVC will kill the gamut of microbial contaminants, whether naturally occurring or the result of bio-tampering including Escherichia coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and other microorganisms.

UVC is safe to use, leaves no surface residue and will not chemically alter food products.

Good news is, you don’t need to have company-grade credentials to use the disinfecting powers of UV-C light.

Cleen UV offers the Spartan UVC Wand, meant for at-home and personal use, to sanitize everything from computer keyboards, mail, makeup brushes and even sofas.

Why make disinfecting complicated?

Get your Cleen UV Spartan UVC wand now.

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