Keeping Your Toothbrush Cleaner Than the Toilet Seat

You take care of your teeth, but do you take care of your toothbrush?

A great toothbrush holder will not only keep your bathroom organized but will also protect your toothbrush bristles from bacteria.

Do you know that after using your toothbrush for 3 weeks, there are already millions of microorganisms lurking in its bristles?


Every time you flush your toilet, a cloud of water vapor deposits microscopic particles on everything in your bathroom, including your toothbrush.

So, toothbrushes are more than just covered in bacteria, blood and saliva.


You need to clean it.

With or without cover, those ordinary toothbrush holders are not the best protection for something that is kept in the bathroom and gets put in your mouth.

Likewise, experiments had proven that toothbrushes “play a huge role in disease transmission and increase the risk of infection.”

Cleen UV’s Xanthos UVC Toothbrush Holder Sterilizer uses UV-C with 154nm wavelength to inactivate bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses giving you a 99% bacteria-free toothbrush.

Say goodbye to tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleen UV’s sanitizing gadget for toothbrushes inactivates bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses.

Likewise, it easily mounts on to your bathroom wall and with its 5 toothbrush capacity, it frees up space.

By the time you change your toothbrush in its third month, your toothbrush will hold more than 10 million bacteria.

That’s more than what a toilet seat has.

Cleen UV’s Xanthos Toothbrush Sterilizer upgrades your oral healthcare using UVC LED technology.

Eric Lee, a St. Louis–based physician backs up the science of UV-C toothbrush sterilizer saying that “UV light, the type used in most common devices on the market to clean household objects” is “effectivein laboratory studies at killing bacteria on computer screens, toothbrushes and other objects.”

As a disinfectant for your toothbrush, this sanitation gadget from Cleen UV is a must!

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