Zeus Purifying mask

Zeus Purifying mask


Cloth masks? Old news. Okay, seriously — cloth masks are definitely great to have and wear, but at this point, we are ready to take things to the next level
(The mask has a filter in it. We will supply 5 free replacement filter with purchase, a $45 dollar value.)


We’re pretty sick of built-up condensation, ill-fitting designs, and, of course, feeling stifled and uncomfortable. It’s practically 2021 — can’t we get something more high-tech? We thought the same thing. That’s why we’ve developed The Zeus Air Purifying mask.

The Zeus mask has a 3D purification air duct. It has a built-in two-speed fan, which is rechargeable via USB, to reduce moisture build-up, (no more steamed up glasses).

The Zeus mask’s filter is made up of multiple layers providing protection from bacteria, dust, foul smells, and viruses. wearing a face mask has been shown to effectively prevent the entry of viruses into the body. As is known the mouth and nose are the pathways of most viruses into the body. The Zeus serves as an extra layer of protection.

Product performance description:
Four layers of filtration, the filter element can be replaced

Active air supply, two-speed fan wind speed, easy breathing, low noise, small vibration.

Cool fashion, 3D face design, provides a snug fit plus the Led breathing light, makes night exercising safer.
Powerful standby. USB quick charge interface, use time 4-6 hours, convenient storage bag,.
We offer a 1-year warranty on the Zeus.

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Zeus Purifying mask